DbackupeX Mysql Database Backup & Restore Script

Created by: Litos Media

Created: 20.10.2017 Last Update: 20.10.2017

E-Mail: [email protected]

DbackupeX Mysql Database Backup & Restore Script
With this Mysql Database Backup & Restore script you will be able to add to your Site a option to create Mysql Database Backups of your site.


  1. Upload the files that are inside of the folder DbackupeX to your server and go to your domain. Ex: http://www.yourwebsite.tld/dbackupex.php

  2. Insert Your database details of your website.

  3. The istallation is finished and you will be redirected to the system.

Auto Backups creation

In order to get a automatic Backup creation, you just need to create a cronjob pointing to the link tha appears on the Dasboard of Dbackupex. 

You have also the possiblity to deactivate old links if you reset the Token.


On dbackupex.php you will find the Backup system.



To create a new Backup just press the button "Create a new Database Dump Backup now".



To restore the database, just press the button with undo icon.

If you want to restore with a Mysql dump that you have on your local computer, drop the file (Must be a .sql.gz File) on the Top-right of the system to upload it. When the upload is done you can restore the Database clicking on the button with undo icon of the uploaded file.



To download any backup just click on the button with a cloud download icon.



To purge any backup just click on the button with "x" icon.